Yoga is an amazing way to look after your mind, body, and soul. It relaxes your mind and ensures that your body remains healthy. Regularly practicing yoga not only lets you de-stress but also works wonders for your flexibility, concentration, and muscle strength. While some may tell you to wear something “loose and comfortable” for yoga, that is pretty vague advice to adhere to. Yoga is a demanding activity and the correct apparel plays a vital role in your overall performance throughout the session. Grab a few high waist workout leggings for sale before enrolling for a yoga class!   

Here are five rules you should stick to when it comes to yoga apparel:
  1. All comfortable clothing does not have to be loose. When it comes to yoga, loose tops are actually pretty uncomfortable as they end up falling over your head each time you do a headstand or a downward dog! Choose tops that are fitted and stay put irrespective of your body movements.
  2. You must wear the right kind of bra when practicing yoga. It requires a lot of bending and stretching. Do not wear a wired bra or a loose one as they will make you conscious and uncomfortable. High impact sports bras are the best for a relaxing yet intense session of yoga.   
  3. Stretchable gym leggings are perfect yoga pants. They are not only breathable but also let you stretch gracefully. Loose shorts must be avoided as you don’t want to be distracted while doing yoga. You end up tugging down your pants every few minutes if they are not of appropriate length. Buy high waist gym leggings as they are snug and do not come with a bulky drawstring.
  4. Your skin should be able to breathe in whatever you choose to wear and this is applicable for your private parts as well. Avoid wearing innerwear that has high chances of getting wet soon and takes a long time to dry as that will be embarrassing when you stretch your legs apart. Choose a moisture-wicking brief instead.
  5. It is not advisable to wear shoes and socks for yoga as they tend to interfere with the grip of your feet on the yoga mat. In case you experience soreness in the calf, you may wear calf sleeves as they go all the way to your ankle without hindering your grip in any way.
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